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  • Wireless network optimization solution

    Wireless network optimization solution

    We have more kinds of bearing business operation network, in order to understand the network itself on the bearing capacity of the business, the existing network for higher efficiency, need for network of signaling information collection, a...
  • Wireless backhaul solutions

    Wireless backhaul solutions

    In increased operating costs and wireless voice revenues, operators are looking for to seize new opportunities, in the width of the wireless business get better returns. Operator profit requirements enables wireless backhaul networks to pr...
  • Microwave wireless solutions

    Microwave wireless solutions

    Microwave systems can provide point to point, point to multi-point wireless solution to meet the network applications, it is in optical fiber cannot reach place, build a network node is an important supplementary means. It has the character...
  • Metropolitan area network solutions

    Metropolitan area network solutions

    Optel metro access solution contains a variety of technologies: SDH/SONET, IP and Ethernet technology operation. BroadEdge product line offers a variety of broadband access scheme based on transmission technology, contain etheric business ...
  • Optel network solutions

    Optel network solutions

    Optel offers from STM 1 to STM - 64 levels of business platform for the next generation metropolitan area network. Many business end equipment Matrix Edge 510/810 operating level Matrix Edge 810 enhanced operational level business end equ...
  • Group customers more business solutions

    Group customers more business solutions

    Using OPTEL access type PTN, MSAP, protocol conversion equipment, solved the group clients data communication, Internet access, voice communication needs. OPTEL MssEdge series access products with small size, low power consumption, indus...