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Congratulations to our company through the first batch of "advanced technology service enterpri

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  In March 4th, 2010 in Chongqing City, "the identification and recognition of the innovation fund training will be held in the conference room 18, municipal science and technology commission. Deputy director of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission Xu Qing attended the meeting and made a speech. City Committee of science and technology, finance, tax, land tax and other departments, in 2009 a new identification of high-tech enterprises, and intends to declare a 2010 high-tech enterprise, innovation fund of the enterprise person in charge and relevant personnel of about 500 people attended the meeting.

  Conference on the "double high" identified management work of 24 advanced units and 24 advanced individual, innovation fund management work of 10 advanced units and 10 advanced individual commend; to Award 2009 new finds that the high-tech enterprises, advanced technology service enterprises on behalf of. Division I as the first batch of Chongqing city was one of the "advanced technology service enterprises," the five companies, attended the meeting and accepted the award in recognition.

Five "technology advanced service enterprises" on behalf of the recognition