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I was the Secretary for the establishment of municipal engineering and Technology Research Center

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Recently, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission promulgated the list of 2011 Chongqing Municipal Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center, established our Chongqing intelligent network of communication and Information Engineering Technology Research Center "impressively.

It is reported that the establishment of municipal engineering and technology research center of the main thrust is to improve the technological innovation capability of enterprises, the whole process is very strict assessment. First the basic strength of the enterprise that applies for the evaluation index, again to declare material to demonstrate and organize experts on-site inspection, all through the full review of the enterprise will was awarded the engineering technology research center.

"Chongqing smart grid communication information engineering technology research center" in the scope of Chongqing city is exclusive, which means that our is the Chongqing area of smart grid in only a communication information engineering technology research center. The establishment of the center, marks the Division I will be in the field of smart grid communications information to a higher level, to speed up the pace and intensity of technological innovation.